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Our New Rewards System

Our New Rewards System at Denise and Company Salon!

Tired of seeing coupons for new clients only? So are we. However, new clients are essential to any growing business..but our true blue clients are very appreciated here. This is why we at Denise and Company Salon are implementing our new rewards program. Now every time you use one of our services or buy products with us, you will receive points on your profile!!! These points can be saved and used to redeem other services or products you’re interested in. 

For every $300 you spend at Denise and Company Salon, you will have $10 back in points to redeem towards products and services. 

For every dollar spent, you will receive one point. Each product and service has it’s own “points needed to be redeemed” value. For example, a kid’s 10 and under haircut is $15. To redeem a free kid’s 10 and under haircut, you will need 450 points. To redeem a free Single Process Color, Haircut, and Style which is $93, you will need 2790 points. 

If you are curious about the points needed for redemption of a specific service or product, just take the price of that product/service and multiply it by 30. That will give you the answer of how many points are necessary for redemption. 

We hope you enjoy this new rewards system! Denise and Company Salon once again thanks you for your loyalty and patronage! Please let us know if you have any questions. 

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