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Series Packages

Series Packages at Denise and Company Salon

Here at Denise and Company Salon we understand how important budgeting is to you. That’s why we created a wide range of series packages available to choose from! These series packages are buy 5 get 1 free! If you come in regularly for blow outs, manicures, or for waxing, this is the perfect option for you! Here is the list of series packages we have available: 

Buy 5 Get 1 Free With Any Series!!!

Bikini Waxing Series: $125 (save $25)
Blowout Series: $125 (save $25)
Brazilian Waxing Series: $250 (save $50)
Full Face Waxing Series: $150 (save $30)
Half Arms Waxing Series: $125 (save $25)
Half Legs Waxing Series: $175 (save $35)
Lip and Brow Waxing Series: $90 (save $18)
Mani Pedi Series: $185 (save $37)
Full Leg Waxing Series: $325 (save $65)
Brows Waxing Series: $65 (save $13)
Chin Waxing Series: $50 (save $10)
Upper Lip Waxing Series: $50 (save $10)

Bikini Full Waxing Series: $175 (save $35)

Full Chest Waxing Series: $150 (save $30)
Full Stomach Waxing Series: $150 (save $30)
Stomach Strip Waxing Series: $50 (save $10)
Full Back Waxing Series: $300 (save $60)
Half Back Waxing Series: $175 (save $35)
Full Butt Waxing Series: $100 (save $20)
Underarm Waxing Series: $125 (save $25)


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