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Breaking Salon Stereotypes

Breaking Salon Stereotypes

Denise and Company Salon is a unisex salon in Massapequa Park, NY. Here, we have created a comfortable and welcoming environment to all who come through our doors. Breaking the stereotypes of a typical salon, (appointment only bookings, men and children are not welcome in the environment, feeling the need to “dress” yourself up before you go to the salon, long hours spent and multiple appointments to “finish” your hair process), Denise and Company Salon is an experience you will not only never forget, but will want again and again. 

Men, women, and children are welcome. Our clientele range from children to young men to teenagers to women in their 80s and so on and so forth. Gender does not matter here, as it’s completely normal for women AND men to get their nails done. Services like these aren’t just for women. You would even be surprised by how fitting an eyebrow waxing is for everyone (shaping the brows can do wonders)!

Walk ins are always welcome! Although we do suggest booking online ahead of time to guarantee your appointment (book here), we will always do our best to accommodate you. 

With us, you know the price upfront. Although multiple bookings for a hair treatment/process are highly unusual, should that be the case, you will know the full price immediately for your hair treatment. You will not be told one price, then asked for additional payments later for other part(s) of the hair care treatment or process. 

Everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful. We offer all aspects of hair, skin, and nail care. Everyone who walks through our doors has the opportunity to fully use all of our beauty services. 

At Denise and Company Salon, there is NO JUDGING. There is NO TENSION. There are NO WEIRD LOOKS. There is only an absolutely wonderful environment you can call your second home. 

So come on in. Have some cookies (we always have cookies, yum) or have breakfast with us on a Saturday morning (bagels every Saturday). We truly look forward to having you. 

Some of our happy clientele: 

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to ask.

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