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Waxing Guide for Beginners

Waxing Guide for Beginners


If you are new to waxing, this is the guide for you! Here at Denise and Company Salon we want you to be as informed as possible! Here is a waxing guide for beginners.

When you are doing any kind of body waxing, you need your hair to be the length of a grain of rice. On the average person that typically takes two weeks of growth. Taking an advil about 30 minutes before your appointment time can help take the edge off. About 3 days before your appointment, it’s best to exfoliate the area you are waxing because it will push the hairs out and the wax can grab the hairs more firmly. 

Once you start waxing, after about 2-3 waxes the hair will begin to thin and become soft making future waxes less painful. For body waxing you typically wax every 4-6 weeks. 

Waxing doesn’t just remove hair, it exfoliates and removes dead skin. 

After you get your waxing done, it’s not advised that you exercise or lay in a tanning bed for 24 hours. Your pores are still open so you can be risk for an infection or irritation if you do either of those activities. 

Our Estheticians Alex and Morgan here at Denise and Company Salon are experts in the field of waxing. They will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Alex is known for being a Brazilian and Bikini Waxing specialist. 

The benefits of getting waxed routinely are: 

  1. No longer spending time shaving in the shower
  2. Slows the growth of your hair down
  3. Eliminates razor burn and bumps
  4. When hair grows back, there is less discomfort


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