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The Importance of Prebooking your Appointment

The Importance of Prebooking your Appointment

1. Every few months your roots periodically grow out. We’ll know exactly when you’ll need to come in again for the same coloring process. Booking that appointment in advance with us let’s you know exactly when you’re hair is due for some color. You won’t have to guess when is the appropriate time to come in! Scheduling your appointments ahead of time is so important because you’re consistently keeping your hair in check! 

2. Imagine this. You knew you had a business or family event to attend, but forgot to book that hair cut, waxing, or manicure. The event is in 3 days and you try to get an appointment last minute at Denise and Company Salon. Sadly, we are booked full over those next few days… or maybe the staff member you regularly visit is not in during that time period. If the appointment was prebooked, we could’ve made sure you got in with who you wanted ahead of time and warned you if someone was going away for vacation. 

Would you like to see what a typical day in the salon is for Denise? Here’s her nonstop work schedule from 8:30AM – 5:30PM. 

This is why we SERIOUSLY ask for you to prebook! We love all of you so much and always want to get you in, especially when it’s most convenient for you. 

3. Think of your beauty appointment like a doctor appointment or an oil change. Feeling beautiful and healthy inside and out is just as important for your well being as those other appointments are. Going to the doctor and getting your oil changed isn’t usually the most fun of tasks… but you still get those appointments in! Why would you not schedule ahead of time your beauty appointment? It’s something fun to look forward to… the atmosphere… the cookies…. the coffee and tea…. the relaxation…. and of course breakfast provided on Saturdays! 

Prebooking saves you headaches. Especially if you regularly come in every few weeks/months to touch up your hair line or fix your nails. If you’re still not convinced, the next time you visit the salon you should count how many people go in and out of Denise’s chair. Every time you turn around there’s a different person she’s working on! 

We love serving you all and want to make sure you always get in with the staff member you want and the time you want the appointment. So prebook your fun ahead of time! 

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